Just an artist who is on hiatus until I get my hands on a drawing tablet–which I should have by the end of next week (March 4, 2018).

For now, I am planning on throwing out teasers of my current stories since I don’t really have the time nor motivation to actually spend on them, mainly because of college. The genres will almost always have action, sometimes BL, and mostly shounen-ai. The settings will definitely have a large range from game worlds to wuxia and modern to historical/futuristic/post-apocalyptic. I think that rather than posting my work here, I will be more active on wattpad due to it being slightly easier for me to manage.

All in all, I only made a WordPress to support other translation sites, so please excuse my inactivity here–

Also, if anyone is looking for an editor, I am always up for grabs, though I can’t guarantee 100% awesomeness, as the translation itself has to be at least 50% readable for me to understand it, mmkay. Thinking of taking up some novels to MTL so I can translate on my own and edit as well, but idk yet har-har.

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